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Commercial Marine


A marine transmission is a wondrous thing. It couples all the torque a big diesel or gas engine can deliver to the shaft that spins the propeller, so it must be built to last. It also endures tens of thousands of shifts from neutral to in gear during its life, and reverses rotation as well, so it must be built with clockwork like precision. In order to interface with the latest electro-hydraulic computer-drive technology, a quality marine transmission ranks as one the most sophisticated bits of gear a boater owns.

ZF Transmissions
ZF Marine Propulsion Systems is a supplier and one of the global market leader in the design and development of complete propulsion systems for all ship models.

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Yanmar / Kanzaki Transmissions
Almost all Yanmar transmissions are built by Kanzaki. Kanzaki provides reliable products that offer unrivaled performance at an affordable price.

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Velvet Drive Transmissions
For over 65 years, Velvet Drive Transmissions has been a world leader in marine and industrial transmissions. They use the highest quality in industry standards to provide the best product for each application.

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